About “She Said Svengali”

What is “She Said Svengali”?

I guess it’s *cringe* a mommy blog. I know, I know. There’s a million and one out there already. I hope that “She Said Svengali” will be something different. A mommy blog for the moms who don’t live through their kids. For the moms who refuse to be defined. And for those of us who are still trying to figure it all out. I am your anonymous writer, known as “She Said Svengali”. Wife to “Leftenant Snicklefritz”, mother to “That Sprout” and “The Beans” (“Red” and “Black”) and best friend of “The Scrinch” who will be joining us from time to time from high on Mt. Krumpit in The Curmudgeon’s Corner. I am an aspiring writer, a would-be Zen master, a reluctant army wife, a sad excuse for a house keeper, a film aficionado, and an eater of words. I am here to spew forth my thoughts so as I don’t lose my wits entirely. I’d like to think that English degree will come to some use. At the very least, I can read Beowulf to That Sprout in the original Old English. 

About the Name

“She Said Svengali” is a reference to the 1931 film Svengali, starring John Barrymore and Marian Marsh.   In the final scene of the film as the title character lays dying, Marsh’s character, Trilby falls ill and utters his name before she follows him in death. I have always found this to be a poignant scene, and have thus named myself and my blog for it. Look for my upcoming feature on Svengali for more information.


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